Many people have asked why we never did delivery before. The answer has always been the same. "We wish our customers to enjoy a quality product, and the only way we can guarantee quality is if they get it straight from the kitchen". Then a company called Waitr came to Jackson. They made a promise that they'd give the same weight to our demand of quality as we do. So far they have honored that agreement. So now you can have Pizza Shack delivered right to your door. How does it work?

Simply click on the logo below and it'll take you to the Waitr website, or download the app on your phone. Find the Pizza Shack, make your order, and pay for it all through the app. A driver is then sent to Pizza Shack so that they can pick up the order as soon as it comes out. From there it's brought to you.  

Now you may be wondering what kind of fees come along with such a service. Let us set your mind at ease. The only fee you pay is a Five dollar ($5.00) flat fee. No more and no less. 

So if the weather is stormy, or you are unable to break away from work and want to enjoy Mississippi style pizza, then simply use the app and it'll be brought straight to you.