A dream begun

The year is 2005. Two men sit at a kitchen table sharing a cup of coffee. The discussion is one that has the air thick with excitement. The topic is the birth of a new business, the fulfillment of a dream. The two men having this discussion are Michael Parker and Larry Emmett. The dream? To create a restaurant focusing on providing quality food using the freshest ingredients available. A restaurant that will work hand in hand with the community that had treated them so well so that both would prosper.

Later in the year the dream was given physical form. The Pizza Shack was born. Larry and Mike worked hard to make The Pizza Shack prosper. Through Larrys hard work with the front of the house the prices were kept reasonable and The Pizza Shack was able to provide food to numerous charity events regularly. Michael kept to the kitchen, focusing on providing the best food available. Frozen vegetables and dough were anathema to Michael. The dough,the sauce, and the vegetables were made daily. Michael didn't want to stick to simple classics. Drawing on a wealth of experience in the kitchen as well as his own creativity Michael designed several specialty pizzas such as the Chicken Curry Delight and the Chicken Thai.

The Pizza Shack prospered and grew, and in its growth were some of its employees immortalized in food. The Cajun Joe was named after someone who did prep work for years. The Andys Buffalo was named after a man who devoted years to providing quality customer service as a front of the house manager. 

Over the course of the years The Pizza Shack drew both local as well as national attention. Consistently voted as Jacksons Best Pizza by the Jackson Free Press as well as even garnering a article by The New York Times. With all of the attention it'd be easy to lose one self to prosperity. Yet Michael and Larry remained humble and focused on keeping strong ties with the community. 

Sadly all great things must come to an end. On December 5th, 2012, Larry Emmett passed away after fighting a long fight with cancer. Michael continued to run the Pizza Shack for another 5 years but in 2017 he decided to pass the torch on to the next generation. There was only one candidate suited for the task. A couple who would maintain the values and the integrity of all that Michael and Larry built into their dream restaurant. This couple was the god daughter of Michael and Larry and her husband, both of whom had worked at The Pizza Shack for years.  So in 2017 Cecila and Tony Hollins took ownership of the Pizza Shack and to this day continue to carry it forward.

From the customers

Leslie601, Blogger - YP.com


The pizza is absolutely wonderful. Once you have tasted the pizza at The Pizza Shack you will no longer want Pizza Hut. Everything was so hot and fresh and the crust oh my goodness is divine. My children and I absolutely love the pizza. I appreciate the fact that if I don't see any pizza on the menu that suits us(which is usually not the case) but we can create our own. The atmosphere is wonderful as well. Simply the best I love The Pizza Shack. The employees are great and give you the sense that they do value your buisness and want you to come back.

Jeannie L, Commenter - Trip Advisor.com


You will not regret ordering pizza from this shack. It is what pizza should taste like. Generous toppings and lovely pizza every time I order.